Ways to Be Happier at Work…and Maybe When Parenting, Too

 “1. Remember that happiness at work comes from having a sense of meaning.

2. Take note of how many people you rely on — and how many rely on you.  

3. Before a big meeting, think about the outcome. 

4. Find ways to “break the momentum” of the day. 

5. Don’t pick up the phone on the first ring. 

6. Wait to click send…

7. …Or send the email to yourself first. 

8. Monotask at least once a day. 

9. Remember that the people in your meetings are people, too. 

10. Schedule a one-minute meditation session. 

11. At the end of the day, reflect on both the positive and the negative.

12. Throughout the day, set a reminder.”

Article: 12 Ways To Be Happier At Work In Less Than 10 Minutes, Business Insider

Image credit to flickr/Spreenkler

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