Wage Earning and Intact Families

Why are children from intact families more likely to earn greater wages as adults?  Economists suggest there are two reasons for this correlation:

  • Children from intact families are more likely to stay in school longer.  More education is consistently related to earning higher wages as an adult.
  • According to the U.S. statistics examined by these economists, children from intact families tend to be happier.  Other research has confirmed that happier workers tend to make more than those that are less happy.  Therefore, the happiness resulting from being in an intact family influences the kind of wages earned as an adult.

These economists conclude that this study “highlights the importance of responsible parenthood as a means of improving the child’s future economic performance.”

Abstract: Why Does Growing up in an Intact Family during Childhood Lead to Higher Earnings during Adulthood in the United States?American Journal of Economics and Sociology



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