Too Much Stuff

 “Can having less stuff, in less room, lead to more happiness? Writer Graham Hill makes the case for taking up less space…

Did you know that we Americans have about three times the amount of space we did 50 years ago? Three times. So you’d think with all this extra space, we’d have plenty of room for all of our stuff, right? Nope. There’s a new industry in town. A $22 billion, 2.2 billion square foot industry, that of personal storage. So we’ve got triple the space, but we’ve become such good shoppers that we need even more space. So where does this lead?

Lots of credit card debt, huge environmental footprints, and perhaps not coincidentally, our happiness levels flatlined over the same 50 years.”

Article: Does Less Stuff Mean More Happiness?, WWNO

Image credit to James Duncan Davidson/TED

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