The Key to Happy Travel

 “According to the new Monograms Road to Happiness Study, four primary ingredients are needed to enjoy a happy travel experience. In fact, 97 percent of travelers report being very or exceptionally happy when their vacation had these components:

1. Minimize stress. When asked about their best trips, only 4 percent of people reported feeling stressed. Conversely, on their worst trips, stress played a big role for nearly 75 percent. Specifically, the biggest vacation stressors were:

* Wasting time figuring things out

* Being unfamiliar with the destination

* Managing transportation

2. Plan ahead. If you want a happy vacation, check spontaneity at the door…

3. Make a local connection. On their best trips, 78 percent of travelers knew a knowledgeable friend in the destination or met with a local guide…

4. Go far and away. The Road to Happiness Study also revealed that 85 percent of travelers’ best trips over the past five years were in locations outside their home country.”

Article: the road to happy: times to boost happiness on vacation, Journal Sentinel

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