Increasing Peace and Freedom by Downsizing Square Footage

 “Jon and Ryah Dietzen moved from their 1,500 square foot home to a 400 square foot cottage with two toddlers. They made the move for its financial freedom, but the benefits didn’t stop there. “We realized after a few months how much time, freedom, and peace we were gaining by not collecting and spending our time taking care of more ‘stuff’,” Jon Dietzen told me. By choosing a smaller house, they found a better balance between work and home life.

Article: Living Large in Small Houses, Sightline Daily

Photo credit Royce Tillotson.

Parenting Advice from Comedian Jim Gaffigan


“-It’s impossible for a kid to complain when they’re sucking on a lollipop, like “I don’t want to — [makes sucking sound]  –  oh, this is cherry!” Just make them sugar-free so you don’t have to worry…
–As a dad, you are the Vice President of the executive branch of parenting. It doesn’t matter what your personality is like, you will always be Al Gore to your wife’s Bill Clinton. She feels the pain and you are the annoying nerd telling them to turn off the lights.
–Understand that kids only want to tell you a secret after they’ve been eating chocolate and you’re wearing a white shirt. “

Article: Jim Gaffigan on his new book ‘Dad Is Fat,’ the perfect children’s story, and surefire parenting tips, Entertainment Weekly


How to Talk to Kids about Their School Day

Summer vacation is over and school has started.  What follows is some good advice on how to find out how your child’s day was:

“Ask around the “What did you do today” question to get your answers:

  • What was fun?

  • Did you make a new friend?

  • Was there anything disappointing?

  • What was the silliest thing your teacher said?”

Article: Parenting in a Nutshell: Get creative when talking to kids about school, Shreveport Times

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