Helpful Hints for Travel with Children

 “Between trips I collected small games, coloring books, books and little toys (nothing that made noise or had many pieces) in preparation for the next flight. These items I kept in a zippered pink bag that we called the activity bag. My daughter was not allowed to see what I was putting into it. She could carry it to the airport but couldn’t open it until the plane had lifted off. With the anticipation of finding all the treasures the bag contained, she was cheerful and excited about the flight. There was always enough in the bag to entertain her during the whole flight.”

Article: Parenting: Tricks for entertaining kids on airplane trips, San Jose Mercury News

What Does a Cluttered Home Say about Parenting Style?

What does a cluttered home have to do with style of parenting?  Researchers gathered data on mothers of children between ages 3 to 5, looking at the relation among style of parenting, having a cluttered home, and level of nervousness.  Results showed that having a cluttered home and a higher level of nervousness/tenseness was significantly correlated with having an authoritarian (overly strict and lacking in warmth) parenting style.

Abstract: The Direct and Indirect Effects of Home Clutter on Parenting, Family Relations

What Motivates Families to Conserve Energy?

Focus groups were conducted in London to determine the limits and motivation of children and parents to conserve household energy.  The results of the study suggested that:

  • Children were more motivated to conserve energy when given responsibility rather than being asked to focus on the environmental concerns.
  • Even when motivated to conserve energy, children had social and environmental limits (e.g. the availability of outside play space) that prevented them from restricting energy use.
  • Parents were more positively motivated by the goal of educating children rather than financial or environmental goals.

Abstract: Children, Parents and Home Energy Use: Exploring Motivations and Limits to Energy Demand Reduction, Energy Policy