Letting Go for Better Parenting


  • “Attending birthday parties of children whose families we don’t know well.  It isn’t personal.  In fact, that’s the point: it isn’t personal.
  • Making sure my house is perfect before people come over.  If you think my house is too messy/small/poorly decorated, there is the door.  Don’t let it hit ya where God split ya.
  • Caring what others think about the educational decisions I make for my kids.
  • Caring what others think about our schedule in general.
  • Highly organized soccer three year olds (WHY DO PEOPLE KEEP DOING THIS?)…
  • Putting myself last.
  • Going to events or functions that have no major relevance to my life and/or are not enjoyable.
  • Being overly serious
  • Trying to keep “work” hours, “family” hours, “friend” hours, and “husband” hours.”

Article: Things I have let go in my parenting and family life, Meghan Leahy: Parent Coach

Image credit to picfont.com

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