How to Help Your Child When They’re Bullied

  “What to do if they are being bullied

  • Stay calm and do not overreact

  • Tell them ‘it is not your fault, the bully has the problem’

  • Involve them to empower them ‘what do you think we can do that would help?’

  • Come up with clever responses (see above)

  • Practice/roleplay with them ‘Head up, walk tall – fake it till you make it’

  • Practice appearing calm as bully needs a reaction or they move on

  • Encourage them to talk

  • Educate them about bullying – bullies are cowards; once you stand up to them, the bully has the problem

  • Spend 1:1 time to build self esteem

  • Inform the school

  • Monitor &  keep a record

  • Martial arts can give a sensse of empowerment”

Article: Bullyproof your child or teen, Practical Parenting

Image credit to Practical Parenting

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