Helping Your Children Through the Waiting Room

“• Practice taking three deep breaths, the ones that fill your lungs all the way. The key is to practice so much when things are going well that your brain is wired to breathe deeply when you are in the waiting room

• Help your child wrap his or her mind around what’s going on… You can help your child by explaining the beginning, middle and end of being at the doctors’ office or another waiting room. Help your child understand when progress is being made and when the wait will be finished…

•Young children should be expected to sit still no longer than 15 to 20 minutes, and the younger the child, the lower the amount of time.

• Practice waiting room manners during everyday life. The key is to teach what is expected of your child by telling your child what he or she can do rather than what he or she needs to stop doing. (“Walking feet” instead of “Don’t run.”)”

Article: Thoughtful Parenting: Surviving the Waiting Room, Steamboat Today

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