Happine$$: Things Vs. Experiences

(San Francisco State University psychologist Ryan) Howell enlisted the help of student Paulina Pchelin to survey people making purchases in the local marketplace, documenting their impressions before and after the retail experience. Interestingly, many people told the researchers they thought money spent on an enjoyable life experience would bring happiness, but that material purchases made better financial sense. Only afterward came feelings of buyer’s remorse. Those surveyed later said they not only agreed that life experiences bring greater happiness, but also greater value.

“There were just huge underestimates in how much value people expected to get from their purchase,” Howell said. “It’s almost like people feel they will get no economic value from their life experiences and therefore they feel this tension in spending money on them.”

Article: Money Spent On Life Experiences, Not Material Things, Brings Happiness, Medical Daily

Image credit to Shutterstock

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