Family of Four Opts for Tiny House Living

Tiny house living has its joys and challenges, just like any living situation. Our family feels great joy being able to live in such a beautiful space that we created with our own hands. Our small house takes little time, energy, and expense to clean and maintain…we have created a beautiful and functional dwelling well within our budget, and in under nine months.

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But living in a small space can be challenging. With two children under the age of six, our house holds a lot of big energy (and sometimes big emotions). Our home does not lend itself easily to “escape” as there are no rooms to retreat to or doors to close. I also find that when we let clutter accumulate, the house can feel disorganized very quickly. So, one of our challenges is continuously refining how to live together harmoniously and respectfully.

Article: Building and Living in a Tiny House, Attainable Sustainable

Image credit to Attainable Sustainable

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