Family Life Has the Effect of a Head Start Program

 “The amount of influence the family life has on a child is eye-opening. Did you know that marriage reduces the probability of child poverty by 80%? Did you further know that a child coming from an “intact married home” is 44% more likely to gain a college degree, 40% less likely to have a child out of wedlock, and will earn $4,000 more per year than a child that did not come from such a home? The power of family life can, in many cases, determine the outcome of a child’s life.

One of the major factors in determining an “intact married home” is the amount of involvement parents have in their child’s life. The same holds true for single-parent households. Children that have parents heavily involved in their life are much more likely to be educationally successful, economically successful, and morally upright than children who do not.

Article: Changing the Conversation on Parenting, Freedoms Journal

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