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Work vs. Child Care

 “The Pew Research Center analysis of government data…found that parents rated 62 percent of their child care activities as “very meaningful,” compared to about 36 percent of the time they spend at paid work.

But those kids appear to be much more demanding than our bosses: Parents said 12 percent of their child care time was “very tiring,” compared with 5 percent of their paid work activities…

They found that parents also are happier when they are with their kids. Parents rated themselves as “very happy” in 35 percent of their child care activities, compared to 19 percent of their work-related activities.”

Article: What’s More Rewarding–Raising Kids or Going to the Office?,

One of the Best Ways to Invest in Your Teenager’s Future

Positive parenting when our children are adolescents has a beneficial effect on your adolescent, even into young adulthood.  But, does the positive parenting of a teenager have a beneficial effect on their work life as a young adult?

The results of a study that was “nationally representative” suggest that positive parenting when children are adolescents has an impact on the child’s career satisfaction, autonomy, commitment, and income.  It seems that being the best parent we can to our teenagers is one of the best investments we can make in their future career.

Abstract: Positive Parenting During Adolescence and Career Success in Young Adulthood, Journal of Child and Family Studies