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Is There a Connection Between BMI and Consistent Parenting?

The more consistent mothers and fathers are in their parenting, the more likely their children will have a lower Body Mass Index (BMI).  This was the finding of Australian researchers who studied 4002 children and their parents.  Mothers and fathers who were less consistent in their parenting were associated with a slight increase in BMI for their children.  These researchers concluded that when devising interventions for childhood obesity the parenting style of mothers and fathers should be included.

Abstract: Bidirectional Associations Between Mothers’ and Fathers’ Parenting Consistency and Child BMI, Pediatrics

Parenting Across Cultures

 “Kid’s Menus – In Ecuador, kid’s meals don’t exist. Kids are expected and encouraged to eat what everyone else is being served…

Potty Training– In China, most babies wear crotchless pants. Potty training starts as early as “11 days old by holding him over the potty and whistling in his ear to make him go”…

Father & Baby Bonding – In Sweden, fathers bonding with their little ones is highly encouraged. Paternity leave is offered to dads! Two months of 13 months paid time off for parents must go to dads!

Sucking Thumb – In the Philippines, you never see a baby sucking its thumb. The worry is that buck teeth will result, in addition to hygiene concerns. Little mittens are put on babies much of the time, but if thumb makes it to mouth any other time, parents pull it out. “

Article: 12 Parenting Lessons from Around the World, babble Image credit to babble

What Does a Cluttered Home Say about Parenting Style?

What does a cluttered home have to do with style of parenting?  Researchers gathered data on mothers of children between ages 3 to 5, looking at the relation among style of parenting, having a cluttered home, and level of nervousness.  Results showed that having a cluttered home and a higher level of nervousness/tenseness was significantly correlated with having an authoritarian (overly strict and lacking in warmth) parenting style.

Abstract: The Direct and Indirect Effects of Home Clutter on Parenting, Family Relations