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Laughter Is Meant to Be Shared

“Behavioral neurobiologist and expert laughter researcher Robert Provine believes that laughter serves as a social signal. And indeed, other researchers concur; studies show that people are 30 times more likely to laugh in social settings than when they are alone.
Laughter is part of a universal human language. It is understood across cultures and unlike words and syntax, which we have to learn, we are born with the capacity for giggles and tittering.”
Article: 101: The mechanics of laughter, mother nature network
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Dave Barry: Parenting Mistakes to Avoid

  “• “Do not try to be cool. You are not cool to your child. You are hideously embarrassing.” • “Do not talk to your child’s friends. This will be hideously embarrassing to your child. If you are around your child’s friends, you should be invisible and wear military-style camouflage.” • “Never, ever sing in the presence of your child’s friends, unless you want your child to do something. Like, ‘If you don’t get an A in geometry, I am going to sing in public.’ ” • “When you’re driving your child and your child’s friends, do not talk to them. Do not sing along with the radio. Do not act like you are even in the car. Ideally, you should run along next to the car steering through the window.” • “Never pick your child up at middle school in the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.” Barry confesses that he did just that to his son when Rob was in sixth grade in 1994. … “It took only three or four years for him to get over it,” Barry says.”

Article: Parenting the Dave Barry Way: What NOT to Do, USA Today Image credit to Thinkstock

Pet-Buying Advice from a Regretful Parent

 “Rule Number One of parenting. Never go into a pet shop with your children (or anyone’s children). Actually, I suggest that for the duration of parenthood you should avoid a pet shop with anyone under the age of 25 at all costs.

Don’t even walk past one with your offspring. Avert your eyes, cross the road.

Because buying a pet, like weighing yourself on the first Monday after Christmas, is something you must do alone.

Article: Parenting 101: not the pet shop!,