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A Connection Between Your Parenting Style and Your Child’s Bowels?

Researchers in China examined the relationship between parenting style and irritable bowel syndrome in adolescents.  The adolescents with irritable bowel syndrome were more likely to report parents who were less emotionally warm, more punishing, more likely to over interfere, more rejecting, and fathers who were more overprotective.  Out of all these variables maternal over-interference and paternal rejection were the most prominent risk factors.  The researchers conclude that parental emotional warmth helps protect an adolescent from getting irritable bowel syndrome.

Abstract: Parental rearing styles may contribute to irritable bowel syndrome in adolescents: a school‐based study, Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology

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The “Right” Way to Parent at Night

Parents of an infant know that there are many opinions on how newborns should be treated regarding nighttime routines.  There are various books on how to get your child to sleep and keep them sleeping through the night.

Researchers looked at this issue, especially, ways in which parents managed nighttime care, levels of parent depression, and whether spouses agreed on how to manage nighttime parenting.  Criticism from spouses about the baby’s sleep location, the character of the mom’s sleep, and her symptoms of depression where important factors regarding family sleep arrangements and family adaptation. 

The conclusion: the optimal arrangement for nighttime parenting may be the one that  takes into account the unique quality of each family and what is a healthy and good fit for them.

Abstract: Sleep arrangements and maternal adaptation in infancy, Infant Mental Health Journal

Electronic Devices – Weapons of Mass Distraction

These WMDs can create a repetitive cycle of self sabotage. The distraction leads to avoidance of our feelings and lack of communication. Keep on doing that long enough and you may feel helpless, your fear increases and your world seems out of control.  Fear is a great motivator to spend more to feel safe.  Suddenly, you are a victim of life and circumstances, and you feel nothing can be done about it.  So what do you do?…Come back to the real world.  Connect with those around you and as parents, especially your children.

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Article: Weapons of Mass Distraction « Simplicity Parenting, Simplicity

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