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Poor Families Get an Unexpected Benefit from Day Care

“In 1972, researchers in North Carolina started following two groups of babies from poor families. In the first group, the children were given full-time day care up to age 5 that included most of their daily meals, talking, games and other stimulating activities. The other group, aside from baby formula, got nothing. The scientists were testing whether the special treatment would lead to better cognitive abilities in the long run.

Forty-two years later, the researchers found something that they had not expected to see: The group that got care was far healthier, with sharply lower rates of high blood pressure and obesity, and higher levels of so-called good cholesterol.”

Article: Project to Improve Poor Children’s Intellect Led to Better Health, Data Show, New York Times

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Does Stress Make Your Child Sicker?

It is well known that adults who have higher degrees of stress are at an increased chance of catching an infectious disease but is the same true for children?  A study considered this issue by examining the effect of a stressful event (parental death, death of a sibling, or parental divorce) on whether a child before the age of 15 was more likely to be hospitalized due to an infectious disease.

  • Children who suffered one of the above life stressors were 13% more likely to have a less severe infectious disease.
  • Specifically, parental divorce increased the likelihood of contracting an infectious disease by 11%.
  • Curiously, following a parent’s death, children were not more likely to catch an infectious disease.
  • Following a sibling’s death, children were 34% more likely to contract a less severe infectious disease.

Abstract: Stressful life events in childhood and risk of infectious disease hospitalization, European Journal of Pediatrics


Hypnosis for Children

Examining the research on the use of hypnosis for children facing medical anesthesia, pain, or chemotherapy, a summary of benefits suggests that:

  • Hypnosis reduces pain and anxiety before, during, and after the use of anesthetics.
  • Hypnosis reduces pain and anxiety during dental procedures.
  • Hypnosis can be used to manage the pain of recurrent headaches, abdominal pain, and distress around receiving chemotherapy.
  • Hypnosis can also be helpful in treating nighttime disorders such as insomnia and bed wetting. 

Abstract: Controlled outcome studies of child clinical hypnosis, Acta Bio Medica

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