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The Benefits of Gratitude

 “A regular gratitude practice (one to three times per week) can be beneficial to our physical and emotional well-being. People report improved life satisfaction, more contentment, vitality and increased hope as well as less depression, envy and physical discomfort. Like eating healthy food, getting regular exercise, spending time with people and engaging in a spiritual practice, doing things that take work and planning can have positive payoffs.”

Article: Thoughtful Parenting: Practicing gratitude benefits well-being, Steamboat Today

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What Happens When Our Children Feel Understood

 “Being understood by a person we love is one of our most powerful yearnings, for adults and children alike. The need for understanding is part of what makes us human. When our feelings are validated, we know that we’re not alone. For a young child, this understanding helps develop his mind and sense of himself. When the people who care for him can reflect back his experience, he learns to recognize and manage his emotions, think more clearly, and adapt to his complex social world.

Article: Buddhism, brain science, and parenting: towards an integration,

Increasing Peace and Freedom by Downsizing Square Footage

 “Jon and Ryah Dietzen moved from their 1,500 square foot home to a 400 square foot cottage with two toddlers. They made the move for its financial freedom, but the benefits didn’t stop there. “We realized after a few months how much time, freedom, and peace we were gaining by not collecting and spending our time taking care of more ‘stuff’,” Jon Dietzen told me. By choosing a smaller house, they found a better balance between work and home life.

Article: Living Large in Small Houses, Sightline Daily

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