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Mother-Teen Bond Has Indirect Effect on Risky Driving

A recent study examined 322 mid to late teens in northern Italy to determine if there is a connection among the following factors: a teen’s bond with their parents, peer influence, and risky driving behavior.

The results suggested that a father’s bond with an adolescent child has no influence on risky driving.  However, a mother’s bond with her teen has an indirect influence.  In other words, a mother’s bond is strongly associated with a teen’s ability to resist peer influence. In turn, a teen’s ability to resist peer influence has an effect on the teen’s willingness to take risks while driving.  Therefore, by strengthening her bond with her adolescent child, a mother indirectly increases the safety of that child when he or she starts driving.

Abstract: The parental bond, resistance to peer influence, and risky driving in adolescence, Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour

Hands-on Dads

“Key findings among fathers living with children younger than 5:

—9 in 10 bathed, diapered, helped them use the toilet or get dressed at least several times weekly.

—Even higher numbers played with them and ate meals with them that often.

—Almost 2 out of 3 read to them at least several times weekly.”

Article: Detached dads mostly a myth, parenting survey says,