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Dinner Sans Smartphones

 “…the flood of food images on the internet do very little to teach your children how to interact on a social level. Mealtimes are communal invitations to practice social skills, and young children especially need to learn how to socialize rather than social network. The way that children relate to others is largely dictated by their regular social interactions with parents and family, who are the biggest influence when it comes to learning the so-called ins and outs of communication. Whenever possible, you should toss that smartphone in a drawer and eat dinner without the constant threat of a text.”

Article: The Benefits of Living Unplugged (Even if Just for a Day)!,

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California Law Provides Internet Protection

“California teens get an online “eraser button” under a law signed by Gov. Jerry Brown on Monday.

The law makes California the first state to require websites to allow people younger than 18 to remove their own postings on that website, and to clearly inform minors how to do so.”

Article: Teens Get Online ‘Eraser Button’ With New California Law, The Huffington Post

Moms and Smartphones

“A new report from recently revealed that moms are more attached to technology than ever with over 90 percent admitting to checking mobile devices like smartphones and tablets during daily activities such as shopping, watching TV and cooking. Eighty percent even confessed to bringing their phones to the bathroom.

One in every three moms also admitted that this obsession distracts them from parenting.”

Article: New study reveals mobile devices distract moms from parenting,

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