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Cell Phone Support for Parents

 “In the first randomized trial of the effects of cell phone use, University of Kansas and Notre Dame researchers found that when parenting coaches texted and called mothers who had participated in a home-based parenting program, they were much more likely than the other mothers in the study to learn and use positive parenting strategies—both immediately following and six months after the program ended. They were less depressed and stressed than the control group who didn’t receive parent training as well as the mothers who did receive the same parenting program but without the cell phone component.”

Article: Study shows that parenting improves with coaching via cell phone, Medicalxpress

Physical Activity and Screen Media

Looking at children between the ages of 9 and 12, researchers considered the role of parents in encouraging physical activity. They found that:

  • Paradoxically, the more restrictive parents were about the use of TV, the more sedentary the child was likely to be.
  • Parents who provide logistical support, encouraging their children to move, correlated with higher levels of physical activity.
  • Children who had greater availability of screen media in their bedroom were more sedentary and more likely to have less light and vigorous physical activity.

Abstract: Physical Activity and Screen-Media–Related Parenting Practices Have Different Associations with Children’s Objectively Measured Physical Activity, Leibert Open Access