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Wage Earning and Intact Families

Why are children from intact families more likely to earn greater wages as adults?  Economists suggest there are two reasons for this correlation:

  • Children from intact families are more likely to stay in school longer.  More education is consistently related to earning higher wages as an adult.
  • According to the U.S. statistics examined by these economists, children from intact families tend to be happier.  Other research has confirmed that happier workers tend to make more than those that are less happy.  Therefore, the happiness resulting from being in an intact family influences the kind of wages earned as an adult.

These economists conclude that this study “highlights the importance of responsible parenthood as a means of improving the child’s future economic performance.”

Abstract: Why Does Growing up in an Intact Family during Childhood Lead to Higher Earnings during Adulthood in the United States?American Journal of Economics and Sociology



The Universal Learning Style

 ” The “learning style” that teachers and parents should focus on is the universal learning style of the human mind, and two characteristics of it in particular.

First, students benefit from encountering information in multiple forms. They learn more, for example, from flashcards that incorporate both text and images—charts, graphs, etc.—than from cards that display text alone.

Second, students’ interest is kept alive by novelty and variety, so regularly turning away from textbooks and blackboards is key. As long as the new activity genuinely informs the students about the academic subject at hand, clapping a math lesson—or sketching in science class, or acting during story time—can help every student to learn better.”

Article: Forget About Learning Styles. Here’s Something Better., The Brilliant Blog

Sibling Conflict not Court-Worthy

 “An Illinois man, Terry Bovee, sued the guidance counselor at his children’s school because she criticized his parenting methods and called him a “bad father.”

According to Bovee’s federal lawsuit, the counselor’s actions alienated his children’s affections and violated his fundamental constitutional liberty interest in familial relations…

The counselor, Claudia Broom, happens to be Bovee’s sister.

A federal district court dismissed Bovee’s suit.”

Article: Sibling Rivalry Over Parenting Not a Federal Case, Court Says, Education Week

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