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What Percentage of Children Under 8 Live in Low Income Housing?

 “…the population of children age birth to 8 in Kentucky is 507,300. Of that number, 255,000 live in low income housing, or 52 percent.

In Ohio, the population for the same age group is 1,283,236, with 50 percent, or 620,000 living in low income housing.

The state ranked highest is Mississippi with 63 percent and Massachusetts lowest at 32 percent.

Tennessee and West Virginia also ranked 52 percent.”

Article: Parenting, early learning key to children’s success, The Ledger Independent

Managing Christmas Expectations

Parenting coach, Meghan Leahy, offers some advice on how to help your child cope with disappointment when larger-than-life expectations around Christmas are not met.

“The problem is that parents often feel guilty for failing to meet those expectations, so they go overboard — and miss an opportunity to teach their children how to handle disappointment, a skill that they will need as they get older.

“It seems to reflect parenting at its larger core,” Leahy said. “Kids don’t just play soccer, they play soccer, tuba and guitar. There’s this need in us to supply it all. That is actually a really inaccurate message for life.”

Let your child put whatever he wants on his holiday wish list, Leahy said. But instead of making yourself crazy…focus on choosing a few meaningful items that are within your budget.

They might get upset or express disappointment…But that’s okay, Leahy said.

“If your child throws a fit, say Santa had a lot of requests to fill,” she said. “You have to let them experience that disappointment, and don’t call them ungrateful. It’s okay for them to have hope and it’s okay to run into the disappointment of not getting what you want. Just let them move on, because they will.””

Article: Parenting coach Meghan Leahy on managing a child’s holiday gift expectations, The Washington Post

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Family of Four Opts for Tiny House Living

Tiny house living has its joys and challenges, just like any living situation. Our family feels great joy being able to live in such a beautiful space that we created with our own hands. Our small house takes little time, energy, and expense to clean and maintain…we have created a beautiful and functional dwelling well within our budget, and in under nine months.

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 9.37.10 PM

But living in a small space can be challenging. With two children under the age of six, our house holds a lot of big energy (and sometimes big emotions). Our home does not lend itself easily to “escape” as there are no rooms to retreat to or doors to close. I also find that when we let clutter accumulate, the house can feel disorganized very quickly. So, one of our challenges is continuously refining how to live together harmoniously and respectfully.

Article: Building and Living in a Tiny House, Attainable Sustainable

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