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Chronic Use of Marijuana at an Early Age

Is there a difference in mental functioning for chronic users of marijuana who start at an earlier age than those that get a later start?  Researchers in Brazil tested those that started to use marijuana before the age of 15 and compared them to chronic users who started after 15.

Early starters performed significantly poorer than late starters in categories such as sustained attention, impulse control, working memory, problem solving, cognitive flexibility, and planning.

Researchers drew the conclusion that starting chronic use of marijuana at an age when the brain is still developing may have a greater negative effect on cognitive functioning.

Abstract:  Cannabis use before age 15 and subsequent executive functioning,  The British Journal of Psychiatry


A 12-Year Study of Substance Use

A national study tracked the tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana use among 6th through 10th graders across 1998 through 2010.  The findings showed a significant decline of each of these substances across the 12 years of the study.  Of particular interest, the most significant decline was among the younger grades, suggesting to researchers that there may be a future reduction in tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana among high school students.

Abstract: Trends in Substance Use Among 6th-to 10th-Grade Students From 1998 to 2010: Findings From a National Probability Study, The Journal of Early Adolescence

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