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Chronic Use of Marijuana at an Early Age

Is there a difference in mental functioning for chronic users of marijuana who start at an earlier age than those that get a later start?  Researchers in Brazil tested those that started to use marijuana before the age of 15 and compared them to chronic users who started after 15.

Early starters performed significantly poorer than late starters in categories such as sustained attention, impulse control, working memory, problem solving, cognitive flexibility, and planning.

Researchers drew the conclusion that starting chronic use of marijuana at an age when the brain is still developing may have a greater negative effect on cognitive functioning.

Abstract:  Cannabis use before age 15 and subsequent executive functioning,  The British Journal of Psychiatry


What Is the Benefit of One Supportive Parent?

How many “good” parents do you need to foster a child’s cognitive development? Parents were assessed for being highly supportive, somewhat supportive, detached, or negative in their parenting style.  A correlation between these parenting styles for both mothers and fathers was made with the cognitive development of the children measured at 24 months and 36 months.  The findings showed that:

  • Children with two highly supportive parents scored higher in cognitive development than other children in the study.
  • Children with one highly supportive parent, regardless of the parent’s gender,  scored higher than children with detached or negative parents.

Abstract: Is One Good Parent Good Enough? Patterns of Mother and Father Parenting and Child Cognitive Outcomes at 24 and 36 Months, Parenting: Science and Practice

Narcissism on the Rise

“Recent statistic: The number of college students labeled as “problematic narcissists,” according to Harper’s Magazine, has risen an amazing 60 percent since 1982

Narcissism is defined as the excessive love of oneself; vanity, smugness, self-centeredness. You might wonder, “Don’t we want our children to love themselves?” Of course; but not when narcissism overtakes appropriate self-esteem. While it is a normal condition to be absorbed with oneself as an infant, self-absorption in an older child or young adult is unhealthy — not to mention obnoxious for those who have to suffer the behavior of a maturing bratty narcissist.”

Article: Parenting in a Nutshell: Is excessive ‘brattiness’ at an all-time high?, Shreveport Times