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What Is the Cost of Bullying?

“What’s the No. 2 cause of death in the 10-to-24 and 12-to-18 age groups? It’s suicide, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention…

The CDC says teenagers who are bullied online are three times more likely to make suicide attempts that require medical treatment.”

Article: Proactive parenting to stop cyberbullies,

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Reducing Bullying with Parental Support

Researchers were able to identify children more likely to be bullied at school by looking at whether their parents had a “facilitative” style of parenting.  A facilitative parent is one who supports their child’s development of social skills and peer relationships. The children of facilitative parents where less likely to have poor peer relationships and were less reactive to the provoking of others. This study suggests that parents may have significant influence on the reduction of bullying in a school setting.

Abstract: Parenting Practices, Children’s Peer Relationships and Being Bullied at School, Journal of Child and Family Studies

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How to Help Your Child When They’re Bullied

  “What to do if they are being bullied

  • Stay calm and do not overreact

  • Tell them ‘it is not your fault, the bully has the problem’

  • Involve them to empower them ‘what do you think we can do that would help?’

  • Come up with clever responses (see above)

  • Practice/roleplay with them ‘Head up, walk tall – fake it till you make it’

  • Practice appearing calm as bully needs a reaction or they move on

  • Encourage them to talk

  • Educate them about bullying – bullies are cowards; once you stand up to them, the bully has the problem

  • Spend 1:1 time to build self esteem

  • Inform the school

  • Monitor &  keep a record

  • Martial arts can give a sensse of empowerment”

Article: Bullyproof your child or teen, Practical Parenting

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