Bringing Happiness Into the Schools

“One of the hardest, but most rewarding tasks Svigelj-Smith(who co-teaches an American Studies course) has been working on this year is helping students to have a growth mindset about their learning. Growth mindset is a term coined by the Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck, who found students who believe they can improve skills through hard work fair better…

She’s now trying to relate the idea of happiness to that of growth mindset, encouraging students to think about steps they can take to make themselves happier. She’s pushing them to set happiness goals and to imagine happiness as another mindset they can work towards. It’s a slow process, but Svigelj-Smith is glad it’s a topic that can take some pressure off the many tests 10th graders in Ohio have to take.”

Article: Exploring the Idea of ‘Happiness’ As Part of School Work, MindShift

Image credit to Luca Nisalli

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