Parents are busy and tired.  If you doubt the truth of this you are likely not a parent nor are you likely to know any parents.  And because parents are busy and tired they generally have to do the best they can with the information they have.  They often don’t have the time or energy to get new and pertinent information.  What we need (besides a good night’s sleep) is a quick and efficient way to get information that can help us be as effective as we can be with the time and energy we have.

A recent survey of Canadian parents suggests that the internet is one of the most preferred ways of getting new information.  What parents desired is a convenient way to get useful information.

This is not shocking news.  But it does spell out the rationale for this blog: getting pertinent research-based information into the hands of parents quickly and easily.

Each entry in this blog will be a short summary of research or a brief quote from a recent article intended to be useful for parents.  The aim: to be brief, useful, and interesting.

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