A Converted School Bus Becomes Home

A Mother of four, Nina Nelson, describes the decision she and her husband made to move their family of six into a converted school bus.

“It started as a crazy idea a few years ago when I read about a family that traveled around in an RV they lived in full-time. My husband laughed off the idea for quite some time, until, in August 2012, we learned about a family that lived in a converted school bus. With 5 kids. That’s one more than we’ve got so we figured it was doable.

A Converted School Bus Becomes Home1-parentingabstracts.com

And we went searching for a bus.

I looked and looked and looked for buses on Craigslist but couldn’t find anything. Then I finally realized it was because I didn’t know what I was looking for. We had no list of must-haves and didn’t really know what was good or bad in terms of engines and transmissions. So we got wise and made our list and soon found the bus we now own.”

A Converted School Bus Becomes Home-parentingabstracts.com


Image credit to ShalomMama.com

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  1. My dream!!!

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