Mindful Parenting

 “We can actually shift from a mindlessly reactive and stressed mode to a mindfully responsive mode by using the STOP acronym below…

S- Stop. Whenever you notice stress
or imbalance, simply pause in awareness.

T- Take a breath. Simply bring your awareness into the breathing body, just letting the sensations of the breath move into the forefront…Breath awareness actually harmonizes the cardiovascular systems in the body, while also calming the “alarm” centers in the more primitive parts of the brain, restoring full brain function…

O- Observe. Just notice how the breath begins to naturally bring balance to the systems of the body. Let this be felt. Also, look around. What is really happening, in the moment?

P- Proceed. Having shifted to a more mindfully responsive mode, take an action that is more skillful, appropriate and best attuned to your situation.”

Article: The 5 Main Tenants of Mindful Parenting, HuffingtonPost.com

Image credit to someecards.com. 

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